Random Reading Envelope - The Marigold Tarot


Who doesn't love a tarot reading? Each of these coin envelopes contain 3 randomly selected cards from The Marigold Tarot, originally a 78-card tarot deck rooted in life, death, and gold. The cards draw reference from anatomy, nature, and distinctly Punjabi imagery, and features illustrations by Amrit Brar. Does not feature gilded gold edging on the cards. For gilded gold edging, see "The Marigold Tarot - Gilded Gold Edition".

  • Black coin envelope screenprinted with metallic gold ink
  • Minor Arcana pip cards
  • Fully illustrated court cards
  • Fully illustrated Major Arcana
  • 310GSM German black-core, linen finish playing card stock
  • Standard tarot card size at 2.75"x4.75"
  • Metallic gold ink printing featured on cards (not foil)

There is currently no guide, "little white booklet", or book for this deck, and it was crafted with the Rider-Waite-Smith system in mind - all cards ascribe to the same value and weight. A guide to the symbolism of the Marigold Tarot is currently in the works, digital and physical editions will be available in mid-to-late 2018.

The Minor Arcana suits are as follows:

  • Wands (represented by flowers/plants and their stems)
  • Swords (represented by swords and daggers)
  • Cups (represented by skulls as vessels)
  • Rings (otherwise known as pentacles/discs, represented by rings and human hands for cards 1-10)

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